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The right home inspection will go a long way in preventing huge problems that get discovered in the future. With the right kind of home inspection one gets to spot and address these problems and fix them to save the day. The right home inspection is one in which every part of the home, exterior and interior will be looked at in detail. 

And this is exactly what En Cynk does for you when it comes to inspect your home. Here, everything will be thoroughly considered from the roof to the electrical system and other structural components of your home. Heating, plumbing, foundation, insulation, there are a lot of things that need to be looked into. But don;t worry. With the right company by your side, you will have all this taken care of for you, giving you a thorough report on all parts of your home and the defects that need to be looked into. 

Here, our team will be patient with you and understand your concern, as they give you a detailed answer to every doubt, query and question posed by you. So, in the end, you have a clear checklist along with all the assurance you need to stay calm, knowing that in the end, everything will turn out for good. 

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No Matter How Big or Small the Renovation or Construction May Be
EN’CYNK Builders  offers a variety of new Construction, repairs and renovation services including:

Kitchen Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling


Building Planning


Flooring & Tiling


Framing & Construction


Complete Renovation

Why Choose Us ?

EN’CYNK Builders is your reliable home/office renovation contractor and a construction company who will work with you right from start to finish to bring your design dreams to life! There are numerous reasons why we are your best bet.
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Highly skilled architects

We employ a super proficient and skilled team of architects and designers for each project so that each little detail is done to perfection.

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Construction experience

We know the diverse needs of construction projects in residential and commercial spaces from years of experience in the sector.

Client Vs Customer

Completely Transparent

We believe in staying true to serving our customers. Our prices and services are completely transparent.